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Made With A Mac

Idea and realisation management:
Mustapha Khanoussi
Republic of Tunisia (buildings), Federal Republic of Germany (interior)
Jan-Martin Klessing
Light Engineer:
Yves Loton
Documentation Base:
Essaiëd Laatar
Anthropology, Ethno-Zoology, Archaeology, Ancient History:
 cf. Chimtou-bibliography by Jutta Zerres
Interior design, museological concept and realisation:
C.B. Rüger with M. Hartmann (rooms 1,2,3,4),
J.-M. Klessing (restoration of Numidian Altar),
S. Storz (ceramic tube vault),
J.-M. Klessing,
St. Fleig,
R. Bou Allègue.
Display Texts:
Z. Ben Abdallah,
C.B. Rüger,
M. Hartmann,
E. Laatar,
H.G. Horn,
M. Ghaki,
M. Khanoussi.
Paintings, Drawings, Photographs:
P. Connolly,
D. Engelken,
J.-Cl. Golvin,
H. Loose,
F. Rakob,
C.B. Rüger.
E. Laatar,
O. Brudy,
K. Grewe,
F. Rakob,
C.B. Rüger.
Graphic Design:
Hartmut Jentzsch,
C.B. Rüger.
Restaurations and Mountings:
R. Keller,
G. Hartke,
R. Bou Allégue,
M. Wartmann.
Scale Models:
F. Rakob,
J. and G. Roeder,
S. Fleig, C.B. Rüger.
Website Design:
F. Rüger &