MAC - Musée Archéologique de Chimtou

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Category:  Archaeological Site Museum 
Information:  Aimed especially at regional school education and tourists. 
Location: Chimtou, Municipality of Soukh El Jomma, Province of Jendouba, Tunisia 
The museum contains 4 exhibit rooms in 3 wings, totalling 1500 square meters (16,145  square ft).  A central open space displays a royal Numidian altar façade.  This multi-purpose court with its excellent acoustics provides concert and open air theatre facilities, a stage and orchestra space for 12 actors.  It also has TV- and stage lighting capability and seats for an audience of 200. 
Topics exhibited: 
- Regional Geology of North Western Tunisia 
- Protohistoric Simitthu 500-100 B.C. 
- The Royal Numidian Altar 
- Marmor Numidicum - The Ancient marble of Simitthus 
- Roman Town Colonia Iulia Augusta Numidica Simitthensium 
- Funeral Monuments 
- Information Room and Lecture Theatre 

Welcome to Tunisia's youngest site museum...
Since 1990, plans of the Tunisian INP (Institute of National Heritage) and the German Archaeological Institute in Rome to present the results of over 25 years of excavation in a museum at Chimtou have come true. The building was financed by the Tunisian, the museology by the German partners. And now it's available on the Internet...